Forum Thread: How to Configure "HTTP PROXY" for Software ?


I discovered "Marathon Tool", a tool That allows you to run heavy queries to find the vulnerability of "SQL injections based-time".

Looking where to find the "HTTP proxy" to run this software (Marathon Tool) that does not support SSL but accepts the configuration "HTTP proxy" so that it can support HTTPS websites ???

What HTTP proxy server (address and port) can I put in the "HTTP Proxy Configuration" software (Marathon Tool) to succeed the configuration so that the software that does not support the SSL function can work well even putting a HTTPS site as the target ???

Basically, how to configure HTTP PROXY for software ???

Thank you for helping me.

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Is a proxy required? If you're testing your own services, then you wouldn't necessarily need one.

The easiest solution is to just Google "free HTTP proxy" and see what works for you.

A proxy requires another machine or machines to disguise your traffic. If you have access to a Linux machine, you can set up proxy chains: and then maybe run squid to create your own HTTP proxy, which you can then connect to from Windows.

Otherwise, there are paid proxy services out there that would allow you to set up a VPN, and then you wouldn't necessarily need to use an HTTP proxy. You'd probably need to do some research on which ones provide the most privacy protection.

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