Forum Thread: Would I Get Caught?

Hey everyone I was recently doing some nmap scans and checking if they were any exploits on a website's server with armitage.

After some time I tried going to the website with my browser it then said unauthorized access,it said my ip has been blocked inside the firewall.The ban went away after some time however I'm just wondering would that ban actually get me in trouble.

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You should never try to exploit a server that you don't have permission to access. Check out the computer misuse act for more info :)

Thx but would they actually trace me for looking for vulnerabilities

They will already know your ip, since it has already blocked you. Whether or not they can be bothered to "trace" you is another matter. You clearly don't seem to know what you're doing, or care about the ramifications of penetrating a server that you don't have permission to access. So i won't help you evade detection :) Looking for exploits shouldn't get you in trouble though ;)

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