Forum Thread: 4 Cores vs 6/8-10 Cores for penetration testing/IT Security!

Hi, so i'm building new pc, mainly for IT security ans penetration testing, but i'm confused between z170 and x99 chipsets, my plans are if i choose the z170, i will get the i7-6700k (4 cores, higher oc rate, dual channel ram, 64gb ram maximum), and if i choose the x99, i will get the 5820k (6 cores, lower oc rate, quad channel ram, 128gb ram maximum), and then upgrade to the 6960x when it comes (8 or 10 cores)!

But my question is, which is better for the future, when i reach an advanced level in this area, when i maybe simulate a whole company sevrers and machines in vmware, or another things idk now! does vmware/kali linux benefit from the more cores and quad channel memory ?

Thanks in advance.

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Get about 12GB of RAM, a 4 or 8 core CPU of around 3.5-4GHz, and a gaming GPU (for password cracking). That should do fine (it is what I use personally).


oh, what i forgot to list is, i want to keep this build for 10+ years, and i think in that time i will need more than 12 gb ram! also, and will there be difference between 4 and 8 ? (that's the question!!)

Building PC for 10 years? IMO impossible. You know about Moore's Law? Well, it might be outdated, but still, we make some progress.

CPU is not as important as GPU nowadays. Get even two CUDA cards (tesla are very good for password cracking). Use watercooling. For now, 16gb of RAM should be enough. Remember about fast disks for RT attacks (they are really huge, so SSD is not a good idea despite of awsome performance).

i was thinking of this: , and then upgrade the cpu to 6960x when it's out, and getting another 32gb ram, and maybe another 980ti (i dont think im gonna be cracking passwords all the time tho!!)

EDIT: and a 1440p monitor also.

That should be a build that can keep up for about 5 years. Replace your PSU with one of 1000-1200W and replace your GPU with an AMD one, since AMD cards have more shaders and thus are more effective at cracking hashes. The rest looks good, though 64GB of RAM is overkill.

But like Root said, you can't really design a PC that can keep up for another 10 years, because technology progresses rapidly. Up until now, we've been able to keep up with Moore's law, which states that technology will be 2 times better than the generation before it every 2 years. To make it more simple: computing power doubles every 2 years.

In 10 years, we'll laugh at 64GB RAM. I guarantee it.


why 1000-1200w ?! this is even waay than this build needs! it maxes at 588w!

I went with Nvidia because of the amount of updates they push, and because i also do 2d, 3d, and video editing, also i game, and i will probably make a channel, so the nvidia gpu is better for me i think!

Note: i also care about cooling, my pc's fans noise will be heard from 1 km away lol!

I want it to last for 10 years (especially the cpu) because i want to focus on certs! I want just get this build, and then never think of upgrading it, i dont want to face any lag because of hardware can't keep up with my needs!...after this build, i will start saving and working in a mini job (im a student) and i will find jobs on internet to save for certs, like, look at SANS certs, they are super super expensive!! wth!!

i dont think that 64gb after 10 years will be like 64mb ram now ;) also, i can upgrade to 128gb with some mobo's, so here's another question, should i change the mobo to a one that can contain 128 gb ram ?!

Edit: Also, i will use m.2 ssd for the general purposes OS (windows), and the samsung 850 pro (512gb) will contain only vmware workstation and the VM's ofcourse for the best speed (as i'm facing very bad speed and always lag in my vm's, especially kali linux, on my hdd)....the another way is, if offensive security updates this bad kali version, and fixes everything, like kali 1, then i think i will make it dual boot, and install vmware workstation in it for the other vm's...

All opinions, recommendations, and discussions are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

You underestimate the power of technological evolution. I never said 64GB will look like 64MB in the future! I think 64GB will rather look like what 8GB of RAM looks like now: a bare minimum for browsing or low-end games.

Not to mention quantum computers will slowly make their entry in the next 15 years.

Having a PC max out everything for 10 years is nearly impossible, so you will need to upgrade in the future. That's why I recommend a 1000W PSU: you always need a few watts spare in case you upgrade to something that draws more power.

atm, 128GB is what they put in servers. That would be an absolute overkill!


servers can have 8000+ gb ram tho :O

I am talking about the light servers here. Like the ones used to host small websites. The minimum for such websites usually is 128GB. However, 128GB is total overkill for a PC.


I will take your opinions very seriously, thanks very much!
Any other opinions/recommendations are appreciated :)

i did some research on google abut gpu for password cracking, and i will rethink about what gpu i will get

Btw, im not rich...i just saved for years and years to get this build... :)

If you can afford it. Get

  • more cores (good for VM's)
  • -more memory (good for VM's)
  • And this EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN X 12GB GAMING, Play 4k with Ease Graphics Card 12G-P4-2990-KR

That should get you setup

Don't you think that it's overkill ? that an i5 can do the job ?

I wanted that pc just to leave it as it is for 10 years, after some friends told me it can't do that, i think i will lower to i5!

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