Forum Thread: As a Computer Guy You Should Know How to Create a Bootable Flash Drive with Cmd.

It is very easy just follow this steps
1.Open command prompt by going to your start menu or pressing window key plus R and press in cmd and click on ok
2.After it has display type in diskpart don press the space bar will display something like,do you want this to make changes to your computer click yes and it will display another ms -D

4.Type in list space disk and it will display your hard drive and flash drive, hard drive will take the the number 0 and flash drive number 1

5.Type select space disk 0
6.Type clean
7.type create space partition space primary
8.Type select space partition space 1
9.Type active
10.Type format fs=ntfs=quick and you are done
note if you are flash drive less than 32GByou should type FAT32 rather

yo u have make a bootable flash drive easy and fast after that you copy windows file on it and use it to run an installation ,and make sure you are having no on it before doing this because all your data will be formatted. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.

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You can also do this by just using the format option, in which you can also change the type of your usb drive.

You are welcome


Good evening guys you all know that any host name will surely have an IP address,first of all what does IP stands for it stands for Internet Protocol for example has its own IP address it is the IP address that the computer connecting to facebook will convert to what it can understand which is binary,so if you are blocked by your school network administrator you can go to your command prompt by typing windows key plus R after it has display, type in tracert plus the site you want to access and it will display the IP address of that site and you will type the IP address in your browser and you are ready to go

have you ever think of what your MAC or physical address is and your IP address go to your command prompt type in ipconfig/all and it will display your MAC address , to get your Local IP address and the address if you are on network type in netstat and it will show your IP address and the IP address on that connection or you can use another easy method by going to and it will display your IP address ,your location and ISP

Stay tuned for more tricks. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME

I use this command

bootsect /nt60 F: /force /mbr

where F is the drive letter for USB

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