Forum Thread: A Break from Hardcore Hacking.

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If you saw my setup, you would laugh at it.

3 laptops semi-broken (one has a ridiculous extra cable to be charged, as the internal plug MELTED), 2 of them have a video card that sometimes explode and I see only purple and green horizontal lines.

My Mac lost the "n" button and I have USB keys spread all over the places, using an iPhone with broken back glass and ridiculous performances.

Yeah, you would definitely laugh at it. But I can still get the binary cool stuff (maybe with some luck we can get to the terminal before they totally dismount).

Bugger, they'll find me in no time. Bye guys; I'm fleeing to Switzerland.


That is the best video.


And this is the proof I can still get the cool stuff.

he did an ok job at making himself sound serious.

epic ! :p

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