Forum Thread: Bypass Install from "Unkown -Sources"

How do I make my embedded payload upload on a victims phone without asking me to enable installation from "unknown-

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There is not a way to do this, unless you upload your malicious app to the play store. This would be hard cause they check for those things.

You can upload it on mediafire and then you can send the link for the file...

You still have to check off install from unknown sources. There is no way around it, unless the app is in the app store. Your best bet is to social engineer the user to un-check that box. For example sending an email to a victim as a legitimate source (AnonymousMail) . In the email tell them how to install the app including unchecking unknown sources.

Or get them to think that it is a two part install. First you need to install and run the malicious app, to then download a regular app in the play store.

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