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Hello guys Sodacni Here,

In a VM enviromnent I sucessfly bypassed AV with a c sharp exe in windows 8.1 x64 with veil-evasion, got a session, but the problem was when i wanted to make the backdoor persistent, i run the persistence msfconsole command says that installed everything ok, but in reality AV blocked some VBS files in the process, so on reboot i dont get a new connection. any ideas?

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You could try working with the registry yourself. The startup folder is an option in Windows too, but it'll be quite obvious if your target chances to look there.

Quite a few, yes. The integrated meterpreter persistence script is pretty unused since it delivers a bare payload (no encryption, no obfuscation) and hence is detected immediately. Try using exploit/windows/local/persistence and setting the advanced option EXE::Custom to a payload that you are sure about (encoded, undetectable). This way it will modify the registry just as the script does, however it will point to a payload that is much less detectable. -Ne py

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