Forum Thread: How Can I Bypass My Works Server Url/Internet Control to Full Internet Access?

I raped my wirks internet data downloading movies and got downgraded permission rights to the web. How can i give myself full rights to all sites again? Can i do it through regedit?

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If you want to keep your job and avoid potential legal consequences, I'd suggest you don't go looking for a way to hack those filters. You have been warned once, sysadmins will be watching you. And besides, it's easy to trace from which workstation the huge amuont of p2p data comes from. So, anyway you make it to circumvent the filters in place, you are gonna get caught anyway.

If you don't care about being fired, charged, or sentenced, you could hide a raspberry somewhere (make sure there are no cameras around and leave no fingerprint on it), and use it as a download mule. You should also consider connecting via bluetooth, as network connection will again reveal your workstation, same if you do with a cellphone's wifi. Depending on where you work, it's just a matter of time they will catch the intruder and investigate the matter, and you will end in big trouble anyway.

I'd personally take the sysadmins out for a couple beers, and deal with them a 50Kb/s metered bandwidth for my torrents, that's the only safe move.

Yeah agreed with triphat. Just don't to be honest. They are watching you now and if you are still maxing out your bandwidth they will look at where the data is going and coming from. Basically they will know what you are doing ;)

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