Forum Thread: Can We Sort Meatasploit Search Results?

can we sort metasploit search results like newest first or best ranking first?

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Not exactly, but you could narrow down the results by ':' in between the words that you are trying to search for... for example: 'exploits:platform:windows'

Hope that helps. :)

It should be;

type:exploit platform:windows <keyword>

... My bad. You get the idea, but I suggest listening to OTW since he knows what he's doing. ;)

Thank you shadow zero and OTW.

i already know little a bit about type and platform. but still there are a lot of for something like apache, php, etc. There are some really old exploits also shown which probably patched. I don't need that really.

i want to find newest exploit first. how can i?

If you type "search 2016" you will get this years, but there's not much there at the moment, try reversing a year at a time, but think you will get a mix of auxiliary, exploit, post...

I think if you're only interested on exploits I would use the methods SZ and OTW gave you and just add the year at the end.

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