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Hello I am going thru CEH training right now and they have the labs online for the course. I am wanting to setup my own lab with a server I have in our office. It is a rack mount server right now I have Ubuntu 14.04 on it and it is doing nothing in our office. I can reuse it for anything and have the ability to reload it with any OS in your opinion what would be the best setup for the lab? Thanks I have setup a lab in the past using VM ware on the server I just want to get your ideas on this.


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What are the server specs ? Do you have a schedule of the course ? What the course will cover ?

More information you give us, better help you will get...

There is no real hacking in the CEH curriculum or exam. Setting a server to practice hacking on is admirable, but unnecessary for the CEH.

If you want to get really hands on in a Virtual Lab I would recommend the Offensive Security OSCP. They have set up numerous machine that are vulnerable in all kinds of ways. I myself have taken this course and the labs are beyond amazing, its something your really can't get elsewhere.

I would recommend that you maybe set up a personal lab with at least one linux and maybe 2 windows(One xp and maybe one windows 10).


Thank you all. I am getting this for work The server is a 2.4 Core 2 Duo with 8 GB of memory and 2 500 GB in Raid 1 it is running Ubuntu 14.04 currently and can be changed. The course is a self study course and covers

  1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  2. Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  3. Scanning Networks
  4. Enumeration
  5. System Hacking
  6. Trojans and Backdoors
  7. Viruses and Worms
  8. Sniffing
  9. Social Engineering
  10. Denial of Service
  11. Session Hijacking
  12. Hacking Webservers
  13. Hacking Web Applications
  14. SQL Injection
  15. Hacking Wireless Networks
  16. Hacking Mobile Platforms
  17. Evading IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots
  18. Buffer Overflows
  19. Cryptography
  20. Penetration Testing

As far as the OSCP I am going to look at that now thanks. And OTW what would you recommend for a Cert for this I was told CEH was the Cert to get but now I'm not sure.

You can try installing a VM with windows XP and one with DVL. Last one is useful if you want to test most common vulnerabilities against servers. And XP to test the ones against desktop users. While it's officially discontinued, a lot of people still use it because of low requirements and better familiarity, and it's a good start with the basic stuff before moving to a win 7 / 8 /10 box.

About the certifications, you can read this post.

Thanks everyone for you responses.

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