Forum Thread: How to Change MAC Address in Windows

hey guys whats up ? hmm i hope you got the title :D today i am going to show you how can you change the MAC address in windows.. its very easy just 123 and done :) Just follow me and you'll get it ;).

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

hmm so now you have to open control panel and than you have to Open Network Connection.. Now right click on Local Area Network and click on Properties

Step 2: Configuring the Adapter

Now new window will open and you have to click on Configure

Connect using = Your Adapter than on the right side you will see button naed Configure click on it and than click on Advance tab.

Step 3: Changing MAC Address

Now , all you have to do is to navigate to Locally Administered Address and there you can set your own MAC Address :)

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try downloading MAC Address changer for win 7 i hope it will work for you and one more thing this is not difficult manual is much better than automatic.


I have a problem.
When I change my mac address, I have not internet connection any more or a limited connection.
On Linux, there is the same thing.
What is the problem?
Please HELP ME.


If you change your MAC, you will lose Internet connectivity. The router maintains a table with your IP address and MAC address and when you change your MAC, it no longer knows where to send your traffic.



OK. Thanks a lot.
So no internet connectivity if I change the Mac address.
And if I change my ip address and then my Mac address?
Will it work?
Thank you very much for your help.

The key is the mapping of IP address to MAC address in your DHCP server that is built into your router.

'deleted this paragraph do too: TMI'
Just spoof it and see what happens.. We will call it hands on training.


So I have to take a few changes in my router. Is it the only one way?
I don't understand very well what you try to explain because I'm not a computer scientist, only a young girl.
And what about Free Wi-Fi hotspots?
I have also limited connectivity with them when I change my Mac address.


Why do you want to spoof your MAC?

Two answers for your question:

  1. Why this tutorial if it doesn't work? What's the use of that?
  2. My private life doesn't concern you.



Your answer was not very collegial. That is not how we respond to each other here on Null Byte. If you want help here, you need to learn to communicate clearly, precisely and courteously.

Any one can post anything here.

I asked why you wanted to change your MAC address not to pry into your personal life, but instead to try to determine whether you actually need to do it. There may be an easier way to accomplish what you want to do. Changing your MAC address will NOT provide you anonymity, if that is what you are seeking.


If you use Linux I have a script on git hub that will do exactly as you want.

OK. I take it.
I'm on Linux and Windows.
Thank you for your help.

In the mail. Will be posting that script here as a write along is why no direct post.

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