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Hello Guys , Hope you're all alright

Since Tor is comprised what are the alternatives for anonymity using kali , since most vpns are paid and some keeps logs I'm aware of spoofing Mac Address , proxychains and need more information about spoofing ip addresses , and one question that was making me wonder if i use a vpn on my windows will my ip address on kali be spoofed too or should i use vpn also on kali

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sorry for any mistakes , I wrote it on a hurry

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First, ToR is compromised by NSA and no one else. If you don't need to hide from the NSA, ToR is effective.


Would it be possible to remain even more anonymous through using VPN, and proxy chains all the while spoofing your MAC address while using ToR?


Alright thanks Occupy !!
What are the things that a hacker might do to bring NSA attention? , I wont do bad stuff , I hate it ...
If I use tor will that be enough or should i use vpn too ?

Just make sure you don't use ToR and VPNs at the same time.

Thanks for the tip bro !!

If you use a VPN, you lock ToR from using different entrances/exits.

Well , Thanks for the valuable info ...
Can you answer my first question?

NSA is concerned with national security.

Yeah ...
Appreciate the help mate ... :)

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