Forum Thread: How to Change MAC Address in Backtrack

hey guys whats up ? you may be heard of MAC address and this time , i am going to show you how to change MAC address in Backtrack :p its very easy just a game of 2 commands and game over :P

Step 1: Open Your Backtrack!

After opening , follow the commands Listed below:

  1. Open Console than type ifconfig eth0 down
  2. Now type , macchanger -r eth0
  3. ifconfig eth0 up
  1. Command - it will disable eth0
  2. Command - it will generate random Mac Address
  3. Command - it will enable the eth0 .

Step 2: Change MAC Address of Your Choice

now i am going to show how to change the mac address of your choice mean any mac address. you can put your own MAC Address.

Just simply follow the commands listed below:

  1. ifconfig eth0 down
  2. type in terminal macchanger --mac your MAc address with : : : example 11:22:33:44:55 eth0

machchanger --mac 11:22:33:44:55 eth0

  1. ifconfig eth0 up

Now you can change the mac address easily ;)

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