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I remember reading about a penetration test where the testers went inside the HQ, plugged a device into the wall, labeled it as "IT DONT TOUCH" and then proceeded to connect to that device from a great distance to further attack the wifi network inside the building. Unfortunately I forget from where I read this, if any one knows what I'm talking about, please discuss it because I am trying to learn more about this and I would like to find that article but don't know what to search for.

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You mean, something like the pwnplug ?

Yes, after googling the device it is much like the pwnplug, however what would be the general idea without all the complex hacking additions? Basically a powerful wireless connection?

Yeah, a powerful wireless connection and good positioning of the device really matter. If you could add a directional antenna (maybe a small panel) close to a perimeter wall/window/rooftop that would be great, but more suspicious. Another solution would be the 3g module, that way you could get in from virtually anywhere.

Thank you for the response, I just found what I was looking for in a book I own. ThankS!

Can you tell us the name of the book?

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