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Hi there

I really like the guide for your crunch word list generator. I have the concept of many basic word lists now. I am a bit confused when it comes to some of the complexities though.

Example, I am trying to create a word list that may contain 4 numbers at the start and/or end of the word pineapple. I know the numbers to be either 1337 or 1250.

The word pineapple will have at least 1 capital letter. I do not know if it is the first, last or any in between.

The word will have a number exchanged for a letter ex e=3 or l-1

The word could have only 1 special character in it. Most likely the a would have been swapped for an @. But I can't confirm it.

These options are not listed in the guide or the man crunch. Are they possible?

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