Forum Thread: I Have a Doubt Regarding "Crunch" in Kali Linux

I am actually new to ethical hacking. So, Crunch generates a wordlist to crack .cap files to obtain the Wi-Fi Password. Let as assume that I have alloted 25GB of storage to Kali Linux and I am using crunch to generate a wordlist of all possible 8 characters, which includes uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and special characters. So Crunch generates some data like this

Crunch will now generate the following amount of data: 40217742840692736 bytes
38354628411 MB
37455691 GB
36577 TB
35 PB
Crunch will now generate the following number of lines: 3656158440062976

So after proceeding, will Crunch generate a wordlist file of size 35PB? And since I have 25GB storage in my Kali Linux, will the system crash? Also is there any possible way to crack such password with combination of many characters without generating 35PB of wordlist file? And also please reply whether we can crack the .cap file without generating a wordlist (other ways of cracking .cap files).

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There may be a way to dynamically create the list with John the Ripper or Hashcat but I don't remember off the top of my head. I strongly recommend using a password list of the most commonly used passwords it's going to be much faster to run and more likely to work.

I have a question here. I am a n00b and I am trying to crack a cap file by auto generating a wordlist I think that is the terminology here. Anyway when I run it, it will several minutes and then my computer shuts down.

Bellow is what I typed.

crunch 8 10 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890 | aircrack-ng path to cap file -b bssid -w-

Any reason why my computer crashes each time? Anything too look for? I assume it isn't generating a large list too big for the portion of the thumb drive in persistence mode.

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