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I was just wondering are any of you users on Null byte using a custom Linux distro ?
Like Linux with custom programmes GUI boot loader etc...
Instead of using Kali

I think this would be a good idea since not all of us will use all the 100+ tools available in Kali also more storage space

Comment to says your opinion or if you have a custom os

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I've been experimenting with Arch Linux. It's a very lightweight distribution that can be completely customizer, and it's wiki and repost are incredibly rich (you may have landed on the wiki while looking for the documentation of some tools). I like it because you can make it what you want, pentesting, graphic, administration...

You can also download a bootstrap version of Kali and install your own tools, like "linux deploy" does setting up chroot on android.

Thanks cluffy ill into Arch Linux
Also say i do try Arch linux is at customizable at any point in time ?
So if i customize it with my own tools 2 weeks later can i do it again

Go ahead and try it. You'll see, you don't just install it ;-)

You gotta build it from the fundament to the too. Although there are some already done versions, the main Arch Linux is DIY with the pacman packet manager. I tried to build an ISO once, but I had no time for that do I gave up, however there are a lot scripts that do just that.

You only deploy the bootstrap, then it's up to you what to install on it (anytime), and you can eventually create an ISO. Of course, you can't edit an ISO very easily.

I've worked with Mint a bit. It's definitely more user friendly than Kali, but it's harder to configure for hacking.

Tails is another good one for (almost) complete anonymity.

PS. If you are looking for user friendly, don't choose Arch. Do it if you'd like to understand more about Linux, good one.

I agree, Debian based distros are the most user friendly.

The first Linux distro I've used is Chakra Linux. It's based on Arch and has the latest KDE stuff, but it has no hacking stuff whatsoever pre-installed. If you want to try Arch for hacking, I've heard that Black Arch is pretty good for that :)

I've had Elementary OS (debian based) tweaked with some hacking programs, and I actually have a Netbook with a highly customized CrunchBang OS (debian based), but Kali has pretty much everything out of the box, why bother?

CrunchBang has been discontinued, and Elementary and Chakra are the cutest distros I've ever seen. But for hacking, I still find no best than Kali.

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