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Hello guys.So i tried to instal arch linux...

When i pacman -Syy all the file have error failed retrieving file multilib.db and at the end i havethe errors: failed to update multilib(download library error)

failed to retrieving file custom.db from disk:couldnt open file /home/custompkgs/custom.db
failed to update custom(download library error)
failed to synchronize any databases
failed to inittransaction(download library error)

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Google is your best friend!!

Hey how do you embed link in text on nullbyte? ? Like the lmgtfy link??

Click on the comment box and look at the window that pops up to the right of the comment box. I'm not sure if I can paste it in here without turning the example into a link.

Left bracket + URL + space + link text + right bracket

the moment i came up with lmgtfy, everyone will use it, am i right?

anyway, this isn't really a question that Google can answer.

on-topic: have you checked your repositories?


Lmgtfy is old lol... I was first tricked by it when I was 10 years old haha!! I rhought someone hacked my pc hahah ;):)

i know, but it seems i was the first one to actually use it here on Null-Byte. i mean, i've never seen anyone do it, until now...


I was able to find the answer on the first page when I googled the error message.

I've been googling (magellan, webcrawler, infoseek) error messages like that since Slackware 2.0. It is a very important skill to have. It eventually taught me how to modify source code to get programs/exploits to run on my box and later grew to full grown programming knowledge.

Phoenix, you have plenty of content on this site to be proud of. Being the first one to use lmgtfy on this site and accuse me of somehow stealing something that's been around since 2008 shouldn't be one of them. I have a lot of respect for your contributions.


Got it thnx!!
I was trying iframe but it returned some gibberish lol.. ;);)

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