Forum Thread: CyberMask's Introduction!

My name is CyberMask.
I like pizza and computers.
I mean, who doesn't, right? :P.

Machines are my passion and I'm here to learn and share my experience and knowledge.
I have always been passionate about computers, what they do and how they do it.
Simply put; I'm tech-thirsty and I'm all fired up.
I also happen to know a bit about computers and whatnot~ :P

I will be contributing here as much as I can.
I'm by no means a professional hacker, I'm just learning like you are.
Perhaps the only difference is that I'm not a first timer, but that's just about it.
Everything I know and everything I can do is self-taught.
Although I'll become the best someday.

Anyhow my knowledge is summerised in breaking stuff.
Yes, I break stuff to learn.

I also happen to know a few programming languages and some understanding of computers~ Some of which I haven't seen around, so perhaps I could share!

Expect me around!

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6 Responses

nice introduction...welcome to null_byte

Hacked by Mr_Nakup3nda

Welcome to Null Byte!


Thanks, fellow NullByters!


-The Joker

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