Advanced Python Scripting : Introduction

Hey guys!

I am known as Nullf0x here at Nullbyte, and here I am, starting the new series Advanced Python Scripting, for the scriptures who just want to come out of their shells, and learn some advanced topics such as Sockets, GUI, etc.

The topics I hope to at least cover in this series are:-

  • Writing cleaner python code
  • Socket programming
  • GUI programming with TKinter
  • and more! I will be updating this list regurally

Happy Scripting!

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3 Responses

Can't wait to learn!

Maybe you could tell something about the built in modules such as sys, os, random etc. How they work ..
Is there a way to determine the number generated by random function.

These sort of things. :p
Maybe I am asking a lot in depth.

Yes, you are correct. I will also do that. Thanks!

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