Forum Thread: Does Anyone Know the Best Current Exploits to Run Against Windows Ten?

I have looked all around for new windows ten exploits but everything i have found is much outdated and no longer works. I have also found vulnerabilities from different websites but i cannot find the proper exploits in metasploit to exploit them. Does anyone know some recent exploits that have worked for them?

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Well that's pretty much how it works. A revealed vulnerability is in most cases an outtdated and fixed vulnerability, especially if it concerns the lastest released product. It's not always the case because Microsoft, you know...

If you really want a brand new exploit, you'll need to look for zero-day (by yourself) or purchase one on the blackmarket (around 500k the exploit by the way)

How complicated is it to find an exploit and how long do you think it would take?

If you meant "How long does it take to find a vulnerability and implement the matching exploit ?" then it depends on you ^^. The art of find unknown vulnerabilities and building exploit requires high end debugging and coding skill. You can try to find bugs/vulnerabilities in open source soft. It's easier with the code exposed. Among White Hats it's a job mainly done by researchers.

You can always check exploit-db for the most up to date remote exploits

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