Forum Thread: E-Mail Hacking - Where Do I Start?

Hi there, I've been hitting wall after wall trying to figure out specifically how i'm going to hack an email account. I know i'll have to brute-force or dictionary attack or something like that in order to get the password, but how do I actually start hacking the email account.

FYI it's an old email most likely it's not being used.

how do I start "attacking" this email account so I can crack the password?

i'll highly appreciate a specific answer

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Sometimes you have to try other methods than password cracking, since most major email supporters, like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. have detection systems. I recommend a social engineering attack.

True. Perhaps that is the better option.

Generally, SE is the better option. But it sounds like this account is old and unused. It will be a lot harder to get someone to log in to an account they haven't used in a few years.

If you have the target's phone number, you can go to "forgot your password" and use a recovery phone number option.

Google will send the target a verification code, and at the same time you can text the target saying that you accidentally signed up with the wrong phone number.

Most of the time the target will give you the verification code, and you will have full access to the account.

He said its unused and unused probably... so se would be impossible ;);) no interaction :(

Youll have to try the above tutorials netstat listed!! ;);)

Social Engineering luckily is not limited to just phishing attacks. Being creative is the key. Look at my comment in reply to Netstat. This has worked for me during penetration tests numerous times.

What I mean is that... you have his email right?? So any se attack you send him.. he wont read it cause his email is inactive!! So how can you se attack him?? Thats what im saying...

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