Forum Thread: How to Hack a Password for Mozilla Thunderbird Email Account

Hello everyone,

My name is Jasmine. I recently found out my boyfriend for 20+ years having a relationship with a lady at work. I cried and begged him to come back, but it looks like I'm losing the battle. We still live together. I noticed that he recently added a password to his Mozilla Thunderbird email account. I know his hiding something. Is there any ways to hack Mozilla Thunderbird email account? How about password for Adobe Pro9? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm completely new to hacking. Thanks

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4 Responses

If you have access to his PC it would be much easier to use a keylogger to record his password than to hack the box . Try this

If he's not actively aware of computer security issues he may well use the same password that he does for his other accounts; if you know any of those give them a try. You could also try the common ones that people use

Be aware that accessing another person's communications without permission is a crime in several countries.

Alternatively, accept it's over and move on with your life whilst maintaining your dignity.

Follow Daynjerus' advice; accept it's over and move on with your life.


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