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Whats up everybody, People Have always had the fear of some blackhat hacker watching them through their webcam and it is scary to imagine that someone is watching you without your knowledge. So just because of that I'm gonna show you how to do that by just tricking your target to click on a link.

We will be using a tool called "saycheese" programmed by a programmer called "thelinuxchoice", I recommend You checking him out because he's making alot of cool stuff.

So Lets Get Started.

Step 1: Download the Tool

You can Find The tool here:
I'm using Kali linux for this.
So now you need to clone it, use the terminal and type in following:

git clone

If you're not "root" you will need to change the permission You can do it by using "chmod". Type in the Following to do it

chmod +x

Step 2: Running

So right now you are ready to start running the tool.
The tool is written in "shell" so we will run it by the following:


When you have done that you should see something like this:

You can pick between two options 1. and 2. Ngrok.
I will be using Ngrok just because I know that it works and it is easy.
If you haven't installed Ngrok yet it will install and you don't need to do anything else.
It will start running after that and it will look something like this then just with another link:

Ones you're target has pressed the link you will see his IP

And the target will see a popup that asks if he allows the camera too be used:

And after that he will need to press in that he allows it to mirror, I have changed the code so it says something else and I will show you how to do that as well.

To get the photos the "victim" must check a box, it will look something like this:

Then the tool will start taking pictures from the webcam:

The pictures will be saved in the "saycheese" folder:

Step 3: Change the Code

So if you want the website too print out something else you will need to edit the code in the "index2.html" file

I will use geany to do this just because I think it is one of the best idles there is out there but ofcourse you can use anything you like.

So when you have opened the "index2.html" file you will need to scroll down to the bottom, you will see something like this:

I have changed the code once so it will be a little different for you.
I changed the code ones again and now it looks something like this:

And now this is what prints out on the Website:

And you can see on the changed code what I have changed and how it looks on the site.

Credits go out to the creator of this tool "thelinuxchoice"
where you can find him:

I hope you found this tool cool and I will try to get this to work on a normal webserver so that more then one target can be photographed.

Hope you enjoyed this and Stay safe
Best regards BiZken

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Editing the index2.html file does not stick. is there something i am missing?

Its the saycheese.html u have to edit, not index2.html.

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