Forum Thread: How to Hack a Site Knowing a Bit of HTML (

As you may know, you may face some of hard missions after awhile if it is your first time to do. I am going to say how to do these missions step by step.

Hack This Site!

First of all, you have to know a bit HTML, then we continue.

Step 1: Go to the Web

Go to Hack This Site!

Step 2: Signing Up

You will see sign up at the left. Go and sign up then sign in.

Step 3: Choose a Mission

You will see challenges. If it is your first time, choose basic ones. If not, wait until I go step by step on all of them.

Basic missions contains 11 steps, which they are totally easy.

Next Post

  • In my next post, I will tell how to solve these steps until the 6th one.
  • Also, I will say what are these steps.

Wish you the best buddies.

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5 Responses

Good Luck with the series. Hope we'll hear more from you!

surly i'll do it CIUFFY.
wait for them.

Nice. I remember an old mod from way back when used to hold IRC chats to go over HackThisSite. Would be good to see some detailed guides explaining the missions.

Good to see that you all are waiting okay i will do it tomorrow.

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