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Its very hard for us to break the security of a system as strong as facebook/gmail and so on , but instead , we can break the bond between the user and site itself , and my idea is ( i dont know if its new or something ) but if we make a phishing site ( eg : facebook ) and we give the network an order that when the victim trys to go to " " it redirects it to " XXXXXXXX " which is our facebook phishing page , and when the victim inputs , we get the output and victim get redirected to facebook to relogin or even be logged in already , is that possible to do ? and can any thing be done with mobile applications like facebook on ios/android ? hope to make this a fruitful and useful discussion , respect :)

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Well you can make a phishing site that redirects to the real thing with Social Engineering Toolkit. I don't know how you would redirect facebook to the phishing site in the first place.

Its dnsspoof you can use mitmf or sslstrip2 and dns2proxy

But it wont work on wan you should connect to his/her wifi in order to do that and if victim uses Facebook application it possibly wont work too


I haven't found these to work because the browsers are too smart and simply don't let you login, at least in my experience, if they can't establish a secure connection with the website. One option that you could try if you have access to the computer is editing the hosts file so that would redirect to your site. I am not sure if whether this works or not, but another option would be to use some social engineering on your target by sending them an email telling them something along the lines of "We have noticed suspicious activity on your account" or something else that would incline your user to login and change their password, on your site of course.

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