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Well, i've been reading some books and stuffs about phishing and i learned alot BUT there is something i need help with, i know how to make a phishing page etc... but when the victim will log in of course he will be redirected to the real website or somewhere else, My question is: How can i make a "script" or something that when the victim enter his creds the script will automatically login to the real website and redirects him there so he doesn't suspect anything, I know a tool that could do this but in my case i want to know how to do it manually...

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You should first understand how the auth scheme for the target website works. Some website use unique tokens that must be sent along with user:password, so you have to include that information in the query string (or cookie). Then you can just use curl to send all the data (and proper headers) needed to login to target website and redirect your victim.

Like always, there is no silver bullet that works every time.

Codecademy has several APIs and authentication tutorials.

That's why I think learning in deep each major programing language is crucial to a good hacker.

Not talking about you D347HGUN but in my opinion, people should learn how to program several languages, like c/c++, c#, java, python, php, javascript, and maybe assembly which is low level, and then start learning hacking. Opens many doors.

This process its kinda difficult because is very slow, and we always want to take shortcuts, but somethings in life cant have shortcuts

Regards :)

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