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Hi everyone I've been reading posts from null-byte since almost 1 year and finally I've decided to join the community :) the title says does anyone know about some iOS's exploit?

I'm not just talking about an exploit that can be used with metasploit but any kind of exploit...any help would be appreciated :)

Thank you

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There are 138 on exploit-db.

Thank you OTW...actually i forgot to check on exploit-db bad

The issue with finding exploits for the iPhone is that firstly its very hard to test things against the iPhone, there's no easy way to decompile any of Apple's product. This severely limits the number of exploit that are discovered therefore you'll have a hard time finding an exploit, even less an exploit that works, and near impossible to find anything that could work on any recent iPhones.

Now I'm sure you're aware bout the "efffective power" text exploit, but doubt its what your looking for.


I guess you're right Washu...but since there'no such thing as an "invulnenrable" device there has to be some way in...for exemple take the effective power text exploit...if the Notification center read that Unicode text in a way of making the iphone crash then i wonder how can this device be so secured?

By the way I guess i'll just keep digging
Thanks for your answer :)

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