Forum Thread: Is the JavaScript Console (On Modern Browsers) There to Do Anything?

I've once opened it by accident, while playing Cookie Clicker a few years ago.

Now that I look back at it, I begin to wonder. Is there any purpose that the JavaScript console serves other than giving me infinite cookies in Cookie clicker?

Can I find security vulnerabilities/security flaws with it?
(I have a mini-website (owned by me) that I've been wanting to practice on). Will the JS Console help?

Does the JS Console do anything?

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2 Responses

You can very easily get the plain text of any asterisk-hidden password field on websites.

I also use it to look for hidden pages some times but it isnt very good for that.

It can let you change stuff to an extent and view hidden passwords. I am sure there is a ton it can do else browsers wouldnt have it

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