Forum Thread: Is the NSA Spying on Us Worth the Additional Security It Provides?

As you know, it has been revealed in recent weeks that the U.S. government, through the NSA, is spying on us all in the name of national security.

What do you think. Is it worth it? Should we give up a right to privacy in order capture potential terrorists?

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No! It is not worth it as nothing has been accomplished. Example with all of their spying and a tip from the KGB: they still failed to capture the two guys at the Boston Marathon. Spying on their own included, they could not stop Bradley Manning or Ed Snowden from exposing defense and their activities. The only working way is what was done in the past.

Absolutely not . I consider myself a conspiracy theorist . I'm probably being watched right now . I know this.i just feel that if the government not only let's us know about certain technology like google maps. But lets us use it freely without charge. What are they using and how bad is our privacy being violated already.

your answer is: is it a good idea to tear down the boards of the house of privacy to build up the fence of security?

No! it is a violation against privacy and liberty of citizens!

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