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Okay, so I've tried out Parrot, and have come to a conclusion with it. (on the look, feel, and comprehensiveness of it)


1.) A great amount of tools come pre-installed, and there are thousands more to download in their repositories should you have need to download one of them. (need a tool, i.e. snort, then just do "apt-get install snort" and you're good to go)

2.) The theme of Parrot is sleek, and easy to navigate. Perfect for a hacking NewB

3.) Has everything right where you need it. The menus are beautifully Organized. Absolutely wonderfully so.

4.) Widgets are very handy and easy to read.

5.) I love the color scheme for everything

6.) Doesn't even need a GPU to run! (I can easily put this on my Dell Inspiron 600m)

7.) Comes with anonymization services you can enable with one mouse click. (anon surf)


1.) Must download important tools (such as snort) from repositories

2.)Not minimalistic out of box, although that can be changed with a few GUI tweaks and a different wallpaper.

3.) Out of Box desktop is somewhat cluttered with shortcuts. (6 to be precise)

All in all, if you like Kalis Out of Box feel, don't go to Parrot. But if you like having more and more tools at your disposal and you don't mind installing them from repositories, definitely go with Parrot.

Next up: BlackArch
Later: C.I.A Kali
After: You decide! (suggestions please :D )

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I'm loving these, I can't wait for more! Maybe I'll switch from Kali altogether if I find a compatible system. Maybe we'll all switch. ;)

Haha yea, that's honestly what I'm hoping for. Is for everyone to find the best OS that is suited for them, and then, they can tailor it to their specific needs.

Oh no. I forgot to add a cover photo!!!!!!

~Edit--- Fixed!

Screenies from that OS look really nice! I may give it a shot someday :)

I'm actually using Elementary OS (the least hacker-ish OS ever existed) because of it's visuals, and I install tools in it as I need them. With Kali you get lots of tools right off the bat, but that makes me feel overwhelmed, and I end up not using almost any.

Looking at the screenshots, it appears to have almost exactly the same layout as Kali, with most of the same tools. It doesn't organize too differently, but it has a very beautiful hacker-stereotype style. ;)

EDIT: AppleDash48, I like your style. You deserve another follower. ;)

Haha, thank you :D And also, you can follow people?! Sweeeeet. (I cant believe I didn't notice the big "follow" button next to a users profile)

lol, that was the same for me with the "Send message" button.

This is interesting. Keep it up.

It looks pretty good that you are reviewing other hacking distros, i like it.
I can't wait for the one on BlackArch because it's the one i use as a long time Arch guy.
Keep doing this! i still think kali is great but people shouldn't blindly chose it.

That reminds me... I got interested in Tails OS a few months ago... I think you will find a lot to talk about in that one, AppleDash48. It's more for anonymity than hacking, but if Snowden uses it, it's definitely worth looking at!

Oh my, I completely forgot about tails! I've had it installed on one of my 4GB flash drives since 2013! Yeah, I'll definitely do one on that.

Okay. So I've been having troubles with downloading C.I.A Kali, So instead, I'm going to go set up and do BlacArch right now. :D

so, what applications are important besides snort?

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