Forum Thread: Problem with Parrot OS

Hello everyone

I Have a relatively big problem with Parrot os...

Today I started my OS and wanted to start the postgresql service( i have already installed it) but my terminal returned a bash: service : command not found...

I looked for it in the /sbin folder but it's not there
Anyone can help me please?

P.S. Parrot OS like Kali is based on debian (just in case someone doesn't know it)


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6 Responses

Postgresql service is not installed. Install it .

i already have...but postgresql is not the problem...the command service itself is

If you try to do a updatedb then a locate postgresql it might help you to find where you installed it.


As i previously said...postgresql is just an example and is not the problem
The COMMAND "SERVICE" itself is

Oh, at that point i'm not sure what to do, sounds like a pretty deep issue, maybe a full reinstall?


Yeah It looks like it's the only solution or i could use the path /etc/ini.d/
everytime i need a service
Btw thanks for your answers!

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