Forum Thread: Rainbow Tables ??!

does anyone have any alphanumeric rainbow tables for adler32 or DES-unix cuz I have some hashes in these formats and cracking each1 of them would be such a pain in the arse and making ranbow tabes is also I searched a lot in the web I found only tables of some boring hashes like md5 , so woud somebody be a hero and give me one to download

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Ophcrack has a basic alphanumeric rainbow table that you could probably find somewhere on the internet and use that if the format is correct (though how different can they be if they're all in text files?), other than that I suggest you look into rainbow tables that are specific to your software since software like password crackers do share similarities when it comes to format. Hope that helps. :)

yeah It has some rainbow tables but not for adler32 thank u anyway

But there's really nothing to crack... adler32 anyway, I took a step back and did a little research.... but try this link:

hope that helps. :)

Or you could try to convert the string into a different encryption like hex. Though I don't know if that's possible but it's worth a shot.

okay I'll try that foradler32 and what about descrypt DES unix any idea ?

DES unix in my opinion is kind of weird but I managed to find a good link... Hence the phrase: Google is your friend. Anyway here's the link:

I suggest you read this article carefully so that you may at least understand what you're dealing with... The thing with hacking is that being able to adapt is essential for survival and success. There are thousands of ways to solve a puzzle so learning the method that suites you is key. Hope that helps. :)

So it says that it's weakness is that its weakness is it's vulnerabe to dicct attack , I have tried to crack it with 1M password list:didn't work I am tryin bruteforce wich will cost me about 3 days however if I had a rainbow table it would be faster ...

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