Forum Thread: Setting Up RATS

when setting up a rat to hack over the internet so WAN is it still necessary to port forward if the victim downloads a client that is sent to them..I was always under the impression that if a client to them and they download it portforwarding isn't necessary...

Question # 2 is port forwarding only necessary when behind a router? if I am connected to the internet with a ethernet cord would I need to port forward and how would that be possible?? thank you and sorry for my spelling

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2 Responses

Think of it like a fortress that you live in. You can speak to everyone in the fortress with no problem but when you want to speak to someone outside of the fortress you have to open a door. That's port forwarding, if at any point you want to speak to anyone outside your LAN throught a closed port you must port forward.

As for connecting directly to Ethernet it doesn't change anything. Ethernet still goes through the router, everything that accesses the internet must go through a router, the fact that your accessing the router through Ethernet doesn't change that.


thank you ok so if i am use a cellphone for internet (hotspot/tethered) I don't have a router so how would I port forward than??

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