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anyone here knows the python code for an sms bomber? I have one but it is written in bash and it no longer works. It needs an sms gateway, I have those already. Basically, it sends an sms through email to a certain number x number of times. This is for those, text scammers that continuously plagues our country. I would appreciate it very much if anyone could point me in the right direction, thank you

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idk but couldnt sms spoofers do the same i quess we have some tools in kali which do it im not sure ( try socialengtoolkit in kali)

Older setoolkit had it...
Its removed now...

So we need to have Backtrack?

I dont know if even the older version sms bombing works..

But you can give it a try..
Remove currently installed setoolkit..
Download an older version and install it...

Or you could just search for some other tool for sms bombing... im sure google will help you..

ok, ty :)
I wonder how it was done with Kali in Mr. Robot!

The sms spoofer of SET has been removed after backtrack.

Any alternative ?

there is a script written in bash but you have to have your country's sms gateway for it to work. sends text through a gmail account.

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