Forum Thread: Someone Set a Attack on Me

Okay basically i was in this game lobby and i was annoying this guy just a little bit...(killing him with a gun because he was swearing)

Later he threatned to hack me and find out my ip address
i litteraly thought this was some script kiddie so i was like xD okay

Later he said he got my ip addresss and then gave me a link to his youtube channel(legit link)
I saw a video where he was using chain and abel

around 30 mins later my anti virus blocks an attack that was set out on my ip addresss i was shocked becuase i didnt go on any malicous link...

should i leave this guy or confront him

ps there was no damage done

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I think he sounds like a script kiddie, and you shouldnt even be worried just a little bit. xD

Yeah, kids on online games threatening to hack you with "ur ip adress" aren't going to do much, or any damage at all. You saw a video of him using Cain & Abel? That means that he uses Windows to "hack" password hashes (if he really even knows how), and he doesn't know a thing about recon.

Yh I'm more assured he didn't do anything dad
I saw his YouTube he only uses Cain and Abel and ddosers he probably Dosent even use and bumps people off PS3 servers

I swear all I see on FB and anything with P2P interaction when someone brings up the words "hacking", or "DDOS", or "IP", all I see are classmates who go "gimme $20 and imma find his ip and hack it for you".

I know, right? I blame it on Hollywood, and the script kiddies who figured out Windows Command Prompt existed so they posted videos on "how to hak a win 7 pc free! no virus!" showing off to everyone their "1337 skillz" with typing CMD commands. I'll bet they've never heard of Powershell or Linux...

Got to start somewhere. I bet you guys were kiddies at some point in the past. These kiddies just need the correct guidance to become something useful to society.

I made a script kiddie batch file that continuously opens cmd and now everyone thinks I am a l33t haxor.

I told friends it was a "game" and whoever opened more programs won.

You can guess how it turned out..

you can actually do some pretty funny things like:

@echo off
goto A

and then you have a program who just continuously are opening programs until the system cant handle it and goes down. Kind of a nice script kiddie virus. :P

Add "dir /s" before "start" and after ":A". Maybe plant a "tree" as well... ;)

I'm wondering about its important to learn the commands to windows cmd as a hacker? Anyone who thinks that's important?

IT is incredibly important for even regular users.

Yes because, when you make shellcode or a script to execute system commands, or even just a shell, it's vital you know how to operate the Command Prompt, otherwise you can't control it.

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