Forum Thread: How Does Someone Attack Account by Just Having Their @Username ? The Application Is Kik!

some dude was asking for my kik username! and someone provide it to him and now i can't even connect or see the messages! is it ddos attack?

note: he doesn't have my IP!! can someone explain it to me pls.

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There was a way to bruteforce Kik accounts that some of my contacts managed to pull off, but this doesn't seem like your account is compromised. If you have a iPhone, a unicode "attack" can render Kik useless. I believe there is one for Android as well, but if this dude asked on Kik what your username is, he's a idiot when he could just look at your profile. lol.

There are different ways to hack different messaging platform and for KIK he could bruteforce it, use phishing method and all to learn more about this contact

Yes, this is definitely possible. It sounds like you were bricked. (A hard brick crashes your Kik every time you open the app, a soft brick crashes you any time you open new chats.) This could also be a dos attack, flood attack, or crash loop, all of which are accomplished with the same mods and would cause varying amounts of crashing/lagging.

Typically this is done with a modded Kik called Pihro, or a modified version of it like Pandora's Box or Blue Pihro.

If someone has your username, it only takes a few seconds for them to send an attack your way using your JID, and it is suprisingly easy to do, but also easy to fix. Most bricks can be resolved by simply uninstalling and reinstalling Kik, or for more severe bricks there are free unbricker tools, such as one made by project rage. DOS/flood attacks and crash loops on the other hand are hard to avoid with stock kik, but can be easily resolved by using free modded Kiks with hack detection such as Invincibility+, BlueKik, or DoomKik.

It should be noted that Pihro is capable of much more malicious exploits.

Though I definitely do not encourage you to use these exploits, more information can be found at using the password "Haxx"

That password is not working

There are no longer passwords on the website.

Can someone please help me, i have been trying for a week now but no one has any solutions

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