Forum Thread: How Does Someone Attack Account by Just Having Their @Username ? The Application Is Kik!

some dude was asking for my kik username! and someone provide it to him and now i can't even connect or see the messages! is it ddos attack?

note: he doesn't have my IP!! can someone explain it to me pls.

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2 Responses

There was a way to bruteforce Kik accounts that some of my contacts managed to pull off, but this doesn't seem like your account is compromised. If you have a iPhone, a unicode "attack" can render Kik useless. I believe there is one for Android as well, but if this dude asked on Kik what your username is, he's a idiot when he could just look at your profile. lol.

There are different ways to hack different messaging platform and for KIK he could bruteforce it, use phishing method and all to learn more about this contact

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