Forum Thread: t14m4t - Automated Brute-Forcing Attack Tool.


t14m4t is an automated brute-forcing attack tool, wrapper of THC-Hydra and Nmap Security Scanner.

t14m4t is scanning an user defined target (or a document containing targets) for open ports of services supported by t14m4t, and then starting brute-forcing attack against the services running on discovered ports, using lists of most commonly used weak credentials.


Installation consists of cloning the repo and making t14m4t executable. THC-Hydra and Nmap Security Scanner are required in order to run t14m4t.

# git clone
# cd t14m4t
# sudo chmod +x t14m4t


The only parameter t14m4t requires is the target identification (obviously). Target parameter can also be a file, where each target is separated by return. Number of threads if optional parameter, ranging from 1 to 64. If not defined, t14m4t runs the attack with 16 (default) threads.

# ./t14m4t <target> <number of threads>


# ./t14m4t 32
# ./t14m4t /targets/targetlist.txt 32

Supported Services:

FTP | SSH | Telnet | SMTP | HTTP | POP3 | SMB | SNMP | LDAP | HTTPS | rexec | rlogin | rsh | IMAP | mssql | mysql | postgres | oracle | RDP | VNC | IRC




The software is free to use, modify and distribute, as long as the credit is given to the creator (n1x_ MS-WEB).


Any actions and/or activities done by using t14m4t are solely your responsibility. The misuse of t14m4t can result in criminal charges brought against the persons in question. The author will not be held responsible in the event any criminal charges be brought against any individuals misusing t14m4t to break the law.

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