Forum Thread: How to Use NGROK in a Reverse_Tcp Attack?

I was thinking of using ngrok in a reverse_tcp attack over the internet on Kali Linux. But couldn't do so, I didn't get an open session, I use the ngrok url in place of the LHOST while creating the payload.

Can anyone help ?

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Actually I have some problems with port forwarding that is why I can't use no-ip..... But ngrok works smoothly and also port forwards properly...

Though your tutorial was really impressive and informative.

yah it port forwards good set tools never worked i cant portforwards untill i used ngrok

how we can use dns in reverse_tcp !!?
i cant

I exactly have the same problem, I use Ngrok to forward the connection to localhost
as I cant forward any port on my router (too bad... old one!)

but when I set the LHOST to ngrok url and LPORT 80 in creating the payload with msfvenom I cant get a session on the console :(

what do you suggest guys ? can I use the same reversetcpdns on android ??

Hay i alsoo try every thing but can't get the meterpreter section using internet with my mobile hotspot .plzz show me the way ,for wan.

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