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Hi guys,

today I found something funny, and I thought, for everyone's amusement, it would be good to share it here.

Have a laugh:

Edit: Link Text seemed not to work, brackets were removed automatically.
Edit2: Fixed the link

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I discovered this too some time ago. It is really tempting to VNC into these SCADA machines and cause disaster... Then again, we're white hats!

However, this link doesn't seem to work for me (images don't load)


I don't think Neo would want to trap NB users AND at the same time reveal his/her IP address ;)


Revealing my IP on a hacker's website? Trapping members of my favourite community?
Both are things I'd never do.

Btw. Fixed the link, so you should now be able to see images.

PS: It really IS tempting, seeing a SCADA interface with a big red "SOUND ALARM" button :D

Fix confirmed from my end.


Nah nah, but y'know some things that are easily accessible. Never know.

Good thinking.


are these live system or just pictures lol,

These are screenshots of computers with an unsecured VNC connection.


Screenshots of live systems.

If you think you are safe behind your VPNs, proxies, etc., and if you're brave enough (could be honeypots) try it out and log in to these systems. Their IP is shown above the picture.

nah i dont use vpns,as it makes my internet slow down, not going anywhere near them

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