Forum Thread: What Is the Best Free Vpn Services?

What Is the Best Free Vpn Services?

i have been searching for the best free vpn service now for a while, but i guess the asnwear is pretty unclear. i were wondering what you guys personal think is the best free vpn for hacking with kali linux?

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The best vpns are those that keep no logs. The premise is that if the VPN provider receives a legal request from LE to provide details of who did what and when, they cannot point the finger at a particular user if they have no logs. This is the latest, most reliable (imo) list of such VPN providers.

I would have thought that, if you were of a slightly more nefarious bent, a greater degree of anonymity may be achieved by cracking a nearby AP and then using proxy chains to disguise your real location. Full details of how to do all of this can be found on this site, although clearly cracking a neighbour's wifi is rather naughty.

which free vpn do you prefer most then?
in your opinion of course

I've not found a free VPN who publishes any details about the logs they keep and the circumstances under which they would hand those over to a third party. If you are seriously going to use Kali for hacking you should not begrudge paying a few dollars, or the BTC equivalent, for a reasonable degree of deniability. If I were really naughty, which clearly I am not, I would use the cracked AP, proxy chain method.

lol im not going to do really naughty things like hacking bank acc.

but hacking is still illegally, and i dont want to get caught. the problem is just i dont know which vpn i should choose, again i want to best vpn for free.

And im sorry but you didnt really answear my quistion: Which free vpn in your opionion is the best one ? :)

In that case I cannot really make any further suggestions; my opinion would be that any one free VPN is just as unreliable, when it comes to providing an acceptable degree of anonymity, as any other. I would suggest you keep watching the thread in case any of the more experienced contributors can provide more assistance. Regards.

ok thank you Daynjer
but if i shouldnt use a free vpn sevice what should i use then?
I just want something to delete my tracks, so i can lower the change of getting caught.

If anyone know how to stay anonymous, feel free to reply me, i will highly appriciate!

To stay anonymous you should first crack a nearby access point so that your initial point of contact with the internet cannot be traced directly to you. For this I would recommend you read

For additional anonymity you should them use proxy chains to further obscure your location. For this you should read

There is no simple way to achieve anonymity online. Even TOR can be compromised, as the recent darknet busts have shown. If you can carry out the instructions in the two tutorials above you will be much more difficult to track than most. Hope this helps.

Excellent answer, Daynjerus!

To be fair OTW, I'm just regurgitating lessons I learned from you!

Agreed, GG.

thanks that helped a lot! :D

I tried many free services but I failed to be secured, Here I found a cheap VPN service and they offer big discount it provided me with high encrypted connection and secured all my transmitted data. You can find USA, UK, France and many other servers.

Free VPNs have become way more valuable nowadays, you can check out for example. It is free yet it offers most of what paid VPNs do and that's the reason more and more people are inclined towards it.

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