Forum Thread: Which Hack Would You Most Like to See?

I'm planning new tutorials in the coming weeks, including;

Social Engineering Toolki,

aircrack and cracking wifi credentials

More metasploit hacks

Pivoting your hack off other computers,

Knocking your neighbors off their wifi

SQL Injection

cracking gmail passwords

remote password cracking

Installing and using Kali

cracking Wordpress

cross-site scripting

Man-in-the-Middle attacks

attacking mobile devices like Android phones and tablets

Give me some feedback on your favorites or suggest something other.


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36 Responses

You've been doing great work with the metasploit tutorials, and I've been keeping up with them for a while, but how about going in a new direction with a Killstick tutorial? A USB drive that would install a metasploit listener, keyloggers, etc. In keeping with the evil dictator theme, one could easily imagine himself being a spy sent in to physically install and hack machines from that location.


I like your idea! Thanks!


I would love to see a tutorial about making you'r own "Box of doom." You know, a box you throw within range of a WIFI point and then the box tries to crack it. Could be cool using Arduino.

or raspberry pi?

Good idea, Sky Fox. I'll put it on the list.


Raspberry Pi could work.

I would Like to See tutorials on Defacing Websites, Forensic Tools with Offensive Forensics, Large Scale DDoS Attacks, SATAN, SHODAN, PunkSPIDER and PunkSCAN, WireShark &&& Please Don't Stop On Metaspolit Please



Thanks Criss!

I'm planning DOS and DDOS in the near future. Wireshark is a necessary skill in this field and I'll plan on one on Wireshark. I'd love to start a whole new world on forensics. Anyone else interested?

Me. But i would definitely like to do some of those tut's myself :)

Thanks OTW & Sky Fox i am very excited to learn more from you guys

I'll do a defacing tutorial

Well I would like to see more metasploit as once I have started it I would like to learn it about more and not leave it hanging. Also a tutorial on gmail password cracking would be cool. You could also do css tutorial, it would help me to learn a lot.

Thanks for your awesome tutorials

grt idea sky fox....
will try it myself.......

I'd like to see see a series on introducing Kali Linux (basics leading to advanced)

Hello OTW,

While I understand that this is not quite a hack in the usual sense of the word. Nonetheless I am curious and I think others would be curious to hear your thoughts as well. How do you feel about proper setup of virtual workstations and masking your self through spoofed virtual NICs, etc. ? I think many of us could benefit greatly from knowing how to use virtual environments in order to remain hidden or off the radar. Also I have not seen a post of yours thus far that really shows the benefits and advantages of working with a hyper-visor. I tip my hat to you and the amazing work that your doing by educating we who are trying to carve our path into the Network Security world and make a positive impact.

Hi Andy:

I'll try to include some tutorials on spoofing IP's, MAC's, and virtual machines. Just a note though, you don't have to use a virtual environment to spoof you IP or MAC address.

Glad you are now part of Null Byte. Looking forward to heraing more from you.


Thank you OTW and Null Byte for the warm welcome. I am privy to IP/MAC Spoofing outside of hyper-visors but I am interested in also in learning some of the other great uses of the virtual world. I truly enjoy your posts and find them very educational, yet easy to read. I look forward to any/all of the above listed future tutorial topics. I would like to add honey pots to that list, and how they can be used for personal or business network security. Eagerly awaiting your next dose of knowledge!

i don't now much which is why im reading these tutorials but i was wondering if you could show how to gain remote access to a windows 8 or mac because i tried and i guess i just dont know what im doing yet.

I would like to see how embed a software like BOSSPY.APK
Into a video so that if u send the video the phone will get hacked

Hacking bluetooth devices would be cool

Hacking using Android tables...

public records and genealogy sites i grew up in foster care and even if i could locate my own data im not privy to it im also illigitimate and know everything abt the father but a way to locate his ss number so i can inforce the the illigitimate child right to inherit ect


Welcome to Null Byte!

Before going after those records, make certain you have refined and honed your hacking skills. Those databases are not unique, so you should focus your efforts on database hacking.


How i can hack playstation like hacking games, or download games without you need to pay!
You told me you would make a tutiral about it...
Well, im still waiting. I know you have a lot to do, so thats okay :)
Hope it will come soon...

Dear OTW, since I got to believe that every single of your Tuts are interesting and usable, I studied them from the very first one till this one, and as I study and practice them, I got to conclusion that despite the easiness that I see in the Tuts,hacking is not easy at all! a simple Antivirus can prevent even scanning the victim or establishing a meterpreter session even after the exploited file (e.g ur tut on .rtf or .pdf exploit) has been run on victim's PC. so I would appreciate if you start to learn how we can hack in such situations where firewalls or anti viruses are blocking our tricks. Thank you so much for your tuts.


You are so right. Hacking is not easy.


I would like to see a tutorial for cracking WPA passwords using your GPU with a password list.

Attacking mobile devices, i once saw a guy do this using only his phone, that would be great to learn...

It is on the agenda for 2015.

if i may ask, is it possible to put a lesson how to crack password please

Thank you, i will read them

Fantastic tutorials, OTW! One thing that I think Null Byte definitely should include is a possible hardware hacking section. Things for TV b gone, arduino, and raspberry pi, would turn Null Byte into a true hacking paradise.

  • Cameron Glass

Hello OTW
make some article on Anamity (tor, vpn., proxy , proxychains, etc)

Those subjects have already been covered here.

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