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Right so my school IT admin have challenged me to hack the school website! I've a found search area and some open ports the open ports are Mysql and FTP.

I think my best bet is XSS i know that the site is running joomla and apche 2.2.3 and that's about it!
Right keep in mind i am very new to XSS but this is as much as i can get out of it.
What ever we put in the Search bar is also in the url as in search/node/Whatyoutype

How ever brackets () and signal quotes ' are changed to %27 and %29 i've inspected the html and found this.

<input type="submit" id="edit-submit" name="op" value="Search" class="form-submit">

Not sure if that's any help but that's as far as my knowledge on xss will take me any ideas !?

Thanks Dupheadss

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