Forum Thread: moab5.Sh Error While Running Metasploit

am getting following error while running metasploit

root@Silence:~# msfconsole
++ Preparing files...sploit Framework console.../
++ FTP LIST heap buffer overflow...
++ Starting: /Library/Frameworks/ApplicationEnhancer.framework
++ Back-up: /Library/Frameworks/ApplicationUnenhancer.framework
++ Dropping the 31337 .sh skillz
++ Fixing up crontabs
++ Execute
./ 4: ./ mkbom: not found
cp: cannot stat '/tmp/': No such file or directory
./ 6: ./ /usr/sbin/diskutil: not found
./ 7: ./ cannot create /var/cron/tabs/root: Directory nonexistent
./ 8: ./ cannot create /var/cron/tabs/root: Directory nonexistent
./ 9: ./ cannot create /var/cron/tabs/root: Directory nonexistent
./ 10: ./ cannot create /var/cron/tabs/root: Directory nonexistent
./ 11: ./ cannot create /var/cron/tabs/root: Directory nonexistent
./ 12: ./ cannot create /var/cron/tabs/root: Directory nonexistent
./ 13: ./ cannot create /var/cron/tabs/root: Directory nonexistent
./ 14: ./ cannot create /var/cron/tabs/root: Directory nonexistent
./ 15: ./ cannot create /var/cron/tabs/root: Directory nonexistent

please help to fix it

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16 Responses

Where did you get that Metasploit? It looks like you have you been owned! That is not a legitimate version of Metasploit.

Kinda resembles this from his output...

Thanks TripHat. I think you are right.

i get this metasploit with kali 2.0 installation.
i dont know what happened wile fixing armitage error. please guide how to fix this

In my opinion, the only fix to all the wierd behaviour of Kali 2 is called Kali 1.1.0a.

Thanks TRIPHAT.... appreciated your suggestion but right now i am more interested to know reason behind this error and fixing it :)

I know I know... I love to understand how things got broken too... so just try to see how you fixed the armitage error.

Did you do it yourself ? Or followed some guide ? Or got helped by some random guy on a forum ?

i just replaced old armitage files in /usr/share with new one.. armitage got fixed.. done some testing with armitage... after restarting, got error

where / how did you get new armitage files from, then ? Any guide ? Official site ? ... or what ?

This should be something official, but really I have no idea about that particular output you are getting.

I still believe that these files are infected with a rootkit.

That is indeed a possibility. Even if he downloaded the files from the official repo, there is still a possibility that the website was hacked and malicious copy was pulled, that wouldn't be the first time (tho I still would attribute this to yet-another-kali2 weird behaviour if the repo was really the official one because of occam's razor).

Now it's just a matter of choosing between investigating more, spend hours looking at the packages and source trying to figure out what went wrong (that's intriguing and will give lot of satisfaction and you will surely learn something new), OR just nuke everything and start over, again with kali 2 or revert to 1 to avoid more future hiccups.

Definately i will investigate,dig more and will get back if i get solution.meantime feel free to give suggestions/solutions to fix this.

@OCCUPYTHEWEB what do you suggest kali 2 or kali 1 or still back track is best?

I'm with TripHat, I much prefer Kali 1.1. I have Kali 2.0, but I use Kali 1.1 on a daily basis.

Thanks OCCUPYTHEWEB and TRIPHAT for your kind support.. :)

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