Forum Thread: Adding More to an Effective Recon

Hey guys!!! Recently i was looking at github's 2012 list of pentest tools and came across an effective tool for recon .Since recon is my favourite part of the hacking process i decided to make this tutorial so lets dive straight into the process

Step 1: Installing Recon Dog

Recon dog is an effective tool made by ultimate hackers
You can git clone it from
git clone

Step 2: Launching Recon Dog

After cloning it go to recon dog directory:
type the following commands
cd ReconDog
after that use python to launch

As you can see there are various options provided for you to use

Step 3: Getting HTTP Header

Lets use the http header grabber option to grab the banner of
type 5 and press enter
now enter the domain you want to grab banner of i.e for this tutorial

as you can see it return the output and the server is identified as Apache

Step 4: Getting robots.txt

We all know that robots.txt file of a website provides location prohibited to access
this can include important website paths for us so lets get the robots.txt file of favourite online game site :))
for this enter 6
and provide the domain as

so as you see we get a lot of paths these can be important and we may want to note them down.

So guys this is it
lastly it can be concluded that recon dog is a good tool to be in a hacker recon arsenal
thank you

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