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I want to get another wireless interface so that I can use programs like WiFiPhisher, I have no idea how to go about this, buying something new is what I'm expecting to do... but what to buy..?

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Take a look at this link -, and this link - I think the most important things to consider are: Is it compatible with aircrack-ng? Does it have decent packet injection capabilities (ie- my internal card supports packet injection, but I think it might be weak at it)? Does it support monitor mode? Does it have a strong enough signal (ie- cards with a stronger signal can probably talk to or detect AP's that're further away from you than some generic card) Is it compatible with the hardware and software that you have (this is likely a must)? About how much are the wireless adapters that can do what you want them to (price is probably the last thing to consider - get the cheapest wifi card that'll do what you want it to)?

I might have to get another one eventually, so I haven't paid very close attention to stuff concerning chipsets and things like that (take the above advice with a grain of salt - it comes from someone who's still new to it). I've seen terms thrown around like "Alfa AWUS036H"; Atheros; RTL187 (<--- or something like that, I'm not sure of the exact numbers, only that it's a Realtek chipset I think); etc.

Just Google, Google, Google, and Google some more. Then when you've searched enough articles and read enough of them that you often can predict what they'll say before they say it, or you often times see links crop up to articles that you've already looked at... a consensus should start to form in your mind by then. Then you can craft your search terms to be more specific... Let's say that you have a particular wireless adapter in mind. Find out the chipset of that model and then Google something like: "{put the wifi card's chipset here}" "forums" ... or something like that and try to find articles where people have tried the particular card that you're thinking about trying and you can see their experiences with it (the card's capabilities, their hardware/software setup, etc).

Of course, if you end up buying the card from a local PC shop that you often travel by, then it's not much of a problem to return it if it's not what you thought it was (keep the receipt just in case).

Thanks for sending me in the right direction. I live in India, so when I googled for wireless interfaces, a bunch of arduino compatible cards for "deauthing" came up, lately, atleast in India, wifi deauthing has suddenly become a craze.. probably it was Seytonic's video who started all this.

Atheros seems to be good, my old laptop and the one I have now have it, and it works like a charm for sniffing and whatnot, its just that programs likw WifiPhisher need two interfaces... >_>

"its just that programs likw WifiPhisher need two interfaces..."

That's about the same situation that I'm in. At first, I didn't think my internal wifi card would do anything, but then I found out that it did support packet injection, so I was pretty happy about that (transportation's not readily available right now). But, I still want to get a second one later, so that I can run those programs that need it, or be able to maybe go online and look stuff up when I'm in monitor mode on the other wifi card.

you don't need to buy secondary wifi adapter.. just execute command
sudo iw wlan0 interface add mon0 type monitor -- for add newinterface
ifconfig mon0 up
thats it.. and run

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