Forum Thread: How to Attain Hidden Email from Username Off a Webpage?

Although I am young, consider me a 70 year old man with Alzheimer's when talking about html code etc. because I don't know shit.

All I do know is that I am aware of my username and password to a website, however it ONLY allows email upon login. I forgot which email I used since I last logged in during 2011. I have tried all my emails and none work so I need to find a way to uncover the email which is hidden behind the username. The website specifically states upon account creation that "your email will be hidden to all members".

Any tips would be gratefully accepted. The website was bought out by a company a few years ago and they no longer monitor the site (use it for ad traffic revenue) so I cannot contact them for troubleshooting. I need to access the account to get some information off it which is only accessible by 'admin' access (access to my account).

Thanks for whoever can help.

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