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Hi all

I enjoy reading articles on null-byte, and love the community that comes with it, but I would like some advice on the best books/ebooks to read on the subject of hacking for some more in depth information on how create your own exploits.

I am familiar with Linux, and have a basic knowledge of all the main programming languages, and it would be nice if the book featured practical code examples.

Any help much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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Oh, we've just been talking about it here

Check my question in the forum, you can get good references there.

i also recommend you to read the Introduction of "Practical Reverse Engineering - bruce dang,..." , the authors provide a path to you, in order to be an effective reverse engineer/hacker.

here is the link of the ebook:


Go to the Home, and scroll down three posts.

There will be no single good book to read on the subject; the best way to go about this is to build a collection comprising of the various aspects of hacking. I'm talking books on cryptography, code, even information security philosophy.

Don't limit your learning, take knowledge from everywhere, just make sure it's correct information (another reason why reading multiple books is a good thing to do, you will pick out the false information very quickly this way).


And multiple resources about a same topic, so you can compare different point of views. Make sure to follow the global infosec news too.

Thanks everyone for all your thoughts, both on this thread and the one referred to.

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