Forum Thread: Literature for the Aspiring Hacker?

After reading and as well trying stuff from Null Byte for some while, I thought of getting some literature on "Hacking" to expand my knowledge. After a short research on Amazon I became aware of the variety of books about IT Security and Hacking.

Since I am still a newbie to these issues I wanted to know if there are some exceptional books - some that are really worth reading - which you would recommend me and every other aspiring hacker to read.

As OtW wrote in some articles, Null Byte is a great place to start but I want to take it one step further now and get a deeper insight into Hacking / IT Security.


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One of the best books for someone new to hacking is "The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing". Its a basic book on hacking and is clear and well written. Let me know what you think. You might also consider "Hacking for Dummies".

When you are ready for more advanced topics, let me know and I'll give you recommendations.


No shellcoders handbook master?

Eventually. First one needs to learn to use the existing exploits before writing their own original exploits.


well, everyone has different thoughts about learning hacking or whatever. I started it with understanding OS and networks.

I agree, Stuxnet. One has to understand networks and OS's to be good hacker.

I have a basic understanding of networks (yet really basic), but only very little knowledge of OS's.
Any recommandations on these topics?

Thank's for your help



The three OS's you should be familiar with are Windows, Linux/Unix and MacOS. I have a number of tutorials on Linux here on Null Byte and will be adding more soon. As for Windows, there are quite a few good books on Windows. If you are just starting out with Windows, consider one of the yellow "Dummies" books.


Well, I have "user"-knowledge with all three OS's (though a little less at Linux), but thinking about what I really know about these systems and how the work, I have to admit it seems just little to nothing.

Though, I've decided to purchase just "The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing" and no book on OS's for now.

If anyone has other recommendation's on literature for me and/or the community, just put them here.


It depends on what kind of hacking/cracking (you should try distinguish those two) are trying to do. Is that exploiting networks, websites, software or taking access into other people computers? Different attacks require different knowledge and skills. If you want to go practical right away. Look Otherwise, you can start by looking the following It has become a classic on hacking introduction.

I'll give you some highlights:

  • Learn how to program.
  • Learn to use UNIX, or UNIX-like (i.e. Linux) anyway.
  • Learn how to search (that is beyond simple googling something) for information on the Internet.
  • Advance your English.

I ain't so fond of books, as I was always tried to find my way around the web, but one I'll suggest you is "Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering." Reverse engineering is fundamental for hacking.

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